My teacher Alex had a nice holiday with her family in a place called Devon. She went surfing in the … More

My teacher holidays

My teacher Alex had two weeks holidays. She went to Devon for one week. She stayed in Air BdB house … More

Alex’s holiday

I want to talk about my teacher’s holiday. She went to Devon with her three children for a week. She … More

Alex’s Holiday

Alex went to Devon on holiday. She stayed at an Air B&B with her 3 children She spent too much … More

My class

I am learning English everyday in the school ENGLISH IN CHESTER. I have in my class three partners. They are … More

My class

In my class we are 4 students, Joana, Laura, Fidan and me. Joana is from Colombia, Fidan is from Russia, Laura … More

My class

In my class there are 4 students, but now only 3 students for today’s lessons: Joana, Narmin and me. Our … More


Shrewsbury is a town in north western England, about 44 miles from Chester. It is located inside a loop of … More