Shrewsbury is a town in north western England, about 44 miles from Chester. It is located inside a loop of … More

£ Chester’s price £

Have you heard England is expensive? It’s true. If you want to come to Chester (England) prepare your wallet, because … More

The Swiss Poem

The Swiss Poem   Take a clean country and add a lot of precision, Also some punctuality. Move a bit … More

Meaningful time in museum!

We visited the Grosvenor museum  Monday. The location of the Cheshire Grosvenor Museum is in Grosvenor Street, Chester where it … More

Grosvenor Museum

Have you ever heard of Grosvenor Museum in Chester? Last Monday I went  there in the second morning class. It … More


On Monday 16 of November , we went to Grosvenor Museum with our teacher . In the beginning we saw … More

Grosvenor Museum

Last Monday ,we went to the Grosvenor Museum. I think that it’s a nice experience because I could learn about … More