A Film Review: Superman

The Superman action film,1976 Superman is a British film. It is about a man with superpowers. He is a photographer. … More

Harry Potter

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Film review: The titanic

The titanic romantic film The titanic is about a true story .  In 1912 The Titanic, a cruise ship, set sail from England to … More

Film Review: Titanic

Romantic drama ,1997 The Titanic is based on truth story. The film is rich woman and poor man fall in … More

Cristiano Ronaldo

The film is about his life and is very enjoyable and inspired me. However, it’s a little bit sad. It … More

Are Cestrians healthy ?

On a freezing morning we went to the city centre looking for interviewees; we found some people who very kindly … More

Useful experience

Yesterday we had morning class  outside, in the center of city. Our task consisted of asking people about their opinions … More

River Dee

I arrived in Chester in November. This afternoon, I went to the river Dee, next to the bridge. It’s was … More


  Tom Hanks Tom Hanks was born in California in 1956. His real name is Thomas Jeffrey Hanks. His  mother … More

A trip to Liverpool

I visited Liverpool for the first time last weekend. There are many great places.You will get a valuable experience when … More

Visiting an aqueduct

I visited an aqueduct in Wales last weekend. The aqueduct is Pontcysyllte Aqueduct that is one of the world heritage sites. That day was … More