My story

It was an extremely hot day on August 3rd which was my first day to go to the language school … More

Old but Gold People

It’s Wednesday 20th March at 14:30 I am out in Chester. The weather is absolutely perfect and I feel very … More

March 2019 Newsletter

This month’s Students’ Newsletter has been published!! Lots of news about things the students want more of; about pancakes!!!; and … More


On 23rd March, a letter was written to Nigel to suggest setting recycling bins in the school. The main purpose … More

La Fattoria: a review

It’s one of the best Italian restaurants in Chester. There are many options for pizza and pasta that you can … More

£ Chester’s price £

Have you heard England is expensive? It’s true. If you want to come to Chester (England) prepare your wallet, because … More

Denise’s favourite Time

My favourite time of day is the evening because work is finished. My favourite day of the week is Friday because … More