Book Club


English in Chester Book Club

Who is it for? If you love reading and think you would enjoy reading and discussing English books with Claire and your schoolmates, why don’t you join us? Book Club is perfect for any student at an intermediate or higher level and everyone is welcome.

What exactly do we do? We meet every Thursday in the Common Room and discuss the pages we have read. At the end of our meeting we agree what our target page is for the following week – easy!

Do I have to be a literature expert? No! Book Club is for anyone who loves books and chatting. Very often our chats are inspired by the book but aren’t about the story at all. We just enjoy talking in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

How can I join? Just ask Anna or Claire for a copy of our current book and come to the next meeting – easy!

When is the next meeting? Please check with Anna or Claire or look at the Common Room notice board to find out the date.

What kind of books do we read? Anything that is good, enjoyable and interesting. And just so you can see how much we’ve enjoyed them, below are some reviews written by the students:

The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly by Sun-Mi Hwang  a review by Anais

Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll a review by Mikulas

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood a review by Beate Burkhard-Meier