The sounds of Wales

We had been driving for four hours when we saw a sign for a small hotel and decided to stop. Originally, we were supposed to go to a house in Snowdonia, but we totally lost our way. We couldn’t find the right way and the satnav signal was too weak to use it. Fortunately, we managed to find accommodation. It was too late to find another place, so we just decided to stay there one night. However, the atmosphere was really weird. It was absolutely spooky and dark. We couldn’t find any other people either except for the staff. He wasn’t as kind as normal hotel staff, and his look was very creepy. We felt a really strange vibe, but we were totally exhausted, so just went to our room. After taking a shower, we went to bed and fell into a deep sleep. However, after a few hours, some noise, similar to the sound of crying, made us get up. It was really horrible. We couldn’t sleep well because of that. The following morning we asked the staff about that noise. He said that he didn’t know what it was either, but it was very normal to hear it every night.

by Paula and Mingi

night building forest trees
Photo by Pixabay on

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