Gone, and I was gone with her.

Sometimes, I think is entirely my fault. Sometimes, I realise what I am thinking. It doesn’t matter though. She is gone, she is long gone. I had never thought this could actually happen. He had warned me but I never think he would be actually able to do it… I know you are asking yourselves what I am talking about, well, this is what happened;
It was eleven o’clock in the morning when the phone rang, I had a strange feeling as if something was really wrong. I was quite surprised to hear the drunk voice of my ex-boyfriend, we hadn’t talked since we broke up, five months previously  more or less. I really loved him but I saw him another woman. Every time I think about it, my heart breaks a little more; he was being aggressive and he was talking quickly about my mother and a gun. I immediately knew what had happened, he had warned me about this, but I had never believed him. At that moment, I tried to phone my mother but it was too late; she was gone and I was gone with her.
Archii and Camila

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