The earth is full of people, and those people’s heads are filled with dreams. If you are reading this you might be one of those people, and you should have dreams waiting to happen. You may be ignoring those dreams, or maybe you are doing something to achieve them.

I wonder what your main dream is, I really do. Mine? Well, it’s pretty simple: I want to explore. I want to know the unknown. I am going to be that one person that knows those beautiful hidden places that are isolated from the world. Those beaches in Australia, where people look always; those deserts in Egypt and those forests in Brazil. Remote deserts, exotic beaches, foreign towns and condemned buildings in the middle of nowhere: they are my dream, and looking at it, is not as simple as I thought.

For me, dreams are also challenges. They are challenges that you can achieve, and I am doing everything that’s in my power to make my dream come true, to make it real, and I hope you’re doing that to.

A dream is a good thing, it always is, and if I can’t achieve mine of course I’ll be frustrated or even devastated but at the end of the day I will be able to think: “It was only that, a dream, and at some point I had to wake up”

By Nahir

Photo by Michael Olsen on Unsplash


  1. Hi,

    I liked it. When I was reading this article I was thinking about my own dreams. You write like a poet.


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