Welcome to Korea

Public Transport of South Korea


If you want to go to famous places, you don’t have to worry! You can use a lot of public transport in South Korea. First you should buy a card to use public transport like the Oyster card. You can buy it in 24/7 shops or in the underground and then you have to top up the card. If you use it, you don’t have to pay again to take the next form of transport when you have to transfer. Also, you can get a discount when you use it, although the discount is not much.


The Korean buses usually operate from 5am to 1am, but some buses are night buses so they finish about 3am. When you take a bus, you have to get on at the front of the bus and get off at the second door of the bus. If you want to transfer to another bus or underground, you should swipe your card for the next transport fare.


Five cities have underground (Seoul, Busan, Deagu, Deajeon, Gwangju), but Seoul has a lot of underground lines. If you have to use the Seoul underground, you have to check your way carefully. It is very complicated. You can ask at the information centre in underground about your way. They operate from 5am to 1am and they always come to the platform on time, so if you want to go somewhere quickly, you should use the underground. However, if you use it at rush hour, you won’t be able to be comfortable.


Taxies in Korea are cheaper than UK but it isn’t very cheap. The minimum fare of the taxies is £2.2 (3,300won). You can take a taxi anytime but you have to be careful at night. Before you take a taxi, you should look at the number of the taxi. It always starts or or or .  However, I won’t recommend taking taxies because a few taxi drivers are bad, so they can request more fare than necessary.


Using trains is the fastest way to get somewhere you want to go. The highest price is about £50(from Seoul to Busan). The price of the train is usually same. Sometimes you can find discounted tickets but the trains’ time is usually in the early morning or late at night.


If the trains are expensive for you, you can take a coach. The 1st coaches’ highest price is £30(from Seoul to Busan), but it takes about 5hours. However, if you take a coach, the coach will go to a place where you can eat lots of delicious food, and you can go the toilet(the Korean coaches don’t have a toilet, so you have to use the toilet of the place).


Little information about cities of Korea



Seoul is the capital city of South Korea. You can see the present and the past view of Korea. Some places have technological buildings and systems, and other places have traditional architecture and historic monuments.  If you want to know the traditional culture of Korea, you can go to a lot of places; Changdok palace, Bukchon Hanok, Kyoungbouk palace etc. Technological places are Seoul tower, Lotte tower and Dongdeamoon design plaza etc. Han River flows through Seoul. You can order delivery food at Han River and then you can enjoy the food by the river.



Busan, which the slogan is ‘Dynamic Busan’, is the second biggest city in South Korea, so if you go there, you can enjoy a lot of things. This city is called Youth city because it has a lot of festivals. For example, Film festival, Fireworks festival and Rock festival etc. Busan is located by the sea, so there are many famous beaches; Heawoondea beach, Songjoung beach etc. Also, the sea food of Busan is very fresh and famous.




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