Colombia is located in South America and it’s the only country in South America that has two oceans: Atlantic and Pacific. Also, it has a lot of climate variations: warm, temperate, cold, moorland and glacial. It has a lot of variations around, for example: culture, food, music, accents, etc depending on the city. In general, the people are very talkative, friendly and charismatic.

The most popular cities are Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, Cali, Leticia, Armenia and San Andres. However, it has more beautiful cities that are important because of their culture.


Bogota is the capital city of Colombia and the temperature is cold around 15 to 20 degrees. The most important places are Monserrate hill, the neighbourhood “Chorro de Quevedo” and there are many parks like: “Parque Simon Bolivar”, “Parque de la 93” (The best discos and pubs). Also, The Luis Angel Arango library is very popular and it’s located in the city centre and it’s considered to be the most important library in Latin America.

“Ajiaco santafereno”

The most typical dish was called “Ajiaco santafereno” and it’s a soup with different spices, corn and chicken. It’s served with avocado, rice and capers.


Medellin is the capital of the Antioquia region and is the second largest city in Colombia. The weather is warm, so the temperature is tropical rainforest climate the whole year because Colombia is near to the equator. In the past, Medellin had a bad reputation for murders and crimes with drugs, but now it’s one of the most visited cities because it offers a lot of different festivals, tourist places and charismatic people.

“Spain Library”

One of the most important buildings is the Spain Library, because the objective of this building is to restore the neighbourhoods (communes) that have the biggest violence issues, inequality and crime. This purpose has worked well, because the members of the community participate in different activities for the benefits of the community.

“Bandeja Paisa”

The most typical dish in Medellin is “Bandeja Paisa” and it’s composed of beans, rice, meat, chorizo, avocado, arepa, plantain and chicharron (fried pork).


San Andres is a coral island in the Caribbean Sea and their beaches are amazing, the temperature is warm and its one of the most popular tourism places in Colombia. Some ecosystems are a Biosphere Reserve, because they have rich biodiversity that is important for the world.

“Johnny Cay”

Some of the busiest tourist destinations are: Islander House Museum, which was created by the natives with the purpose to teach the culture and customs of the community. Also, “La Loma” a small town that is the best place to enjoy the traditional architecture and another important place is Jonny Cay, which is located at the east of San Andres and it’s a natural park.

“General food in San Andres Island”

The typical dish of San Andres Island is the seafood and fish like shrimps, crabs and snapper. Also, almost dishes have coconut and they are marinated with island herbs.


Angelica and Maritza


  1. This is a great guide for visiting Columbia. The descriptions of the places and food and the photos are fantastic. A really good piece of writing 🙂


  2. Hi EIC, you need to visit Colombia. As you have seen, there are many places to visit and also you should come to visit me. I miss you.


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