Meet Stephen and Rekha: Owners of Hanky Panky

In this month’s Meet the British we met Stephen and Rekha Fowler of Hanky Panky Pancakes which is a popular Pancake shop in Chester and we tasted some different kinds of pancakes and coffee.
Stephen talked about his business.The reason of starting the shop is that they wanted to serve all their favourite pancakes which are called after their favourite places where they travelled.
They provide many kinds of pancakes as scotch pancakes ( slightly smaller and thicker pancakes) or thin pancakes which look like crepes.
Unusual for a pancake shop, it provides beer. Apparently, the owner likes beer!
The decoration in the shop jokes about its name and involves a bit of adult humour. The most interesting for me was the postcards. They have put many old postcards on the wall which belonged to the owner’s mother. When they opened the shop, she gave them and some of them were made 100 years ago. Most of them have been written with adult humour, like the other decorations. I saw that all ages like innuendos although many people did not notice them.
They are putting on a pantomime called the Mystery of Flowered Knob from 14th December.
The couple are really friendly and unique.

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  1. Thanks for your review of Hanky Panky Ayami. I certainly need to go and try their delicious pancakes …and have a look at the post cards!!

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